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We Are Not Alone: A Digital Exploration of Planet X (2016) is an experimental narrative that examines the reductive modes of identity and form. Through abstraction, 3D animation, film and html, I construct a utilitarian edifice that uses basic non-objective matter to convey the underside of our visual world. The film follows the narration of Alec an African American female rendering lost in the grid-like spatial terrain of Planet X. Alec an unseen presence, slowly develops corporeal form as she gains familiarity with the structural ordering of systems.

This project stemmed from my internalized experience as a tourist in Boston this past summer. As I had never visited the state prior, my personal experience was rather extraterrestrial. I remember feeling overwhelmed by a sense of ‘otherness.’ Although the city’s framework, institutions, architecture and structural development mapped out its cultural landscape, it still remains foreign to me. I began to question the quality of place, reductive modes of identity and the familiar. In response, I developed a beta test site to explore that frame of consciousness.
A test site developed by Christie Neptune for Hamiltonian's Fellows Converge exhibit. Planet X is a state of consciousness. ©2016.